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Last updated on July 19, 2023

For decades, businesses throughout the country have relied on Perry & Perry PLLP for dynamic representation and innovative solutions to their legal challenges. We understand how devastating litigation can be for the future of a small or mid-sized company, which is why we strive to protect your company’s rights, contracts and identity when they are at risk.

Whether you have been served with a formal lawsuit or another individual or business has broken a contractual agreement with you, we are prepared to provide a stalwart defense and advocate for the most favorable outcome in your situation.

We are Shawn Perry and Shane Perry, each with 30-plus years of experience. As veteran trial lawyers, we are regularly called upon in high-stakes “bet the company” disputes where the outcome will be decided by a judge, jury or arbitrator. But we are also skilled in triage, problem-solving and alternative dispute resolution when litigation would be too expensive or risky.

Respected Attorneys Managing Business Tort And Contract Cases

Legal minutiae can be almost as damaging for business as legal disputes themselves. That’s why at Perry & Perry PLLP, we’re committed to providing effective and efficient advocacy that aims to address the source of your concerns on day one. Our attorneys can help you file a lawsuit, fight for you against legal action and protect the trade secrets that matter most to your company. We are well-versed in issues such as:

• Breach of contract When you have been wronged or accused of wrongdoing with regard to a written or oral contract, it is crucial to understand your rights and obligations under Minnesota law. Our extensive experience with the legal intricacies empower us to handle each claim with confidence and to negotiate fair terms for restitution and damages awarded.

Partnership and shareholder conflicts Internal disputes among business owners can mushroom into major problems. We represent business partners and minority shareholders in buyouts, business dissolution and other remedies, with the goal of protecting the entity as well as your personal interests.

• Commercial disputes  Corporate conflicts may arise from partnership problems, disagreements about intellectual property, shareholder grievances and more. Often, we are able to defuse and resolve these conflicts before they are brought to court.

• Interference with your company’s interests These cases may include fraud, defamation, economic or business torts, or unlawful interference with contractual or business relationships that can place a heavy toll on a business. We strive to put forth a compelling argument whether you are seeking tort relief or have been accused of improper business conduct.

• Unfair business competition – Fraudulent products in the market or illegal business decisions by your competitors can hinder your success. We can help you protect your products and your place in the market.

• Intellectual property rights  The heart of your business is everything that distinguishes it in the market and these aspects can be some of the most valuable keys to your company’s success. We can help you protect what matters most to your business through trademarks, copyrights and by providing other intellectual property services. We can also defend your intellectual property in court to prevent other entities from profiting off the reputation you’ve built.

• Employee covenants  When ex-employees divulge trade secrets or compete directly with your company, it can damage your brand and your bottom line. But employment agreements can be too vague or restrictive. We represent either side in enforcing or defending against noncompete, nonsolicitation and nondisclosure agreements.

Our decades of legal practice have made us valuable resources in the domain of business litigation. Our record of success includes several multimillion-dollar cases, and we have brought about many other winning judgments and favorable settlements for our clients. While we are based in Minnesota, we have tried cases nationwide, including pro hac vice representation in multidistrict litigation.

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We know that litigation can quickly burn through the equity and goodwill you have worked so hard to build. Ask us about alternative fee arrangements, such as a hybrid of hourly and contingency fee representation, to control costs or mitigate your risks.

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