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Skilled Advocacy For Disputes Among Business Stakeholders

Any business has to ward off lawsuits and contract disputes. But internal disputes among partners or shareholders are a more insidious threat. If you don’t take action to eliminate the cancer, it can be a death knell for the enterprise and wipe out your hard-earned investment.

Perry & Perry PLLP represents business owners and stakeholders of small and mid-sized companies in partnership and shareholder disputes. We understand how high the stakes are when you have so much personally and financially invested. Our experienced lawyers will assess the situation and explore your options, from a negotiated resolution to “business divorce” litigation.

Partnership And Shareholder Disputes: Can This Be Salvaged?

Perhaps things started great and something has changed. Perhaps one of your business partners was never a good fit. Maybe someone has been unethical or siphoning money. Maybe you just have different visions for the future of the company. Whatever created the rift, our attorneys provide the proactive analysis to help you gauge where you stand and how to protect your interests.

Perry & Perry PLLP has represented the spectrum from 50-50 partners to majority or minority owners. We have helped clients navigate many scenarios, including:

  • A negotiated buyout that preserves the business entity and everyone’s dignity
  • A force-out invoking the partnership or shareholder agreement
  • Freeze-out actions to compel minority stakeholders to divest
  • Litigation to dissolve the business and divide the carcass
  • Sale of the business or its assets to a third party
  • A restructuring of the business and controlling interests

We bring in business valuation specialists and other experts when merited to get a handle on net value and the cost-benefit of litigating. Is the partnership or the entity worth saving? Is there a win-win solution? Or do we prepare for battle?

Accomplished Business Litigators

We are Shawn Perry and Shane Perry, trial lawyers with over 60 years of combined experience in business litigation, including complex shareholder litigation and partnership disputes with millions of dollars at stake. We work to position our clients for the most favorable outcome through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or court. Even when lawsuit papers have been served, there typically are viable alternatives to full-scale litigation. But we have also prevailed in winner-take-all courtroom contests. See examples of our case results.

Take Action To Get The Upper Hand

Being proactive at the first sign of a partnership dispute keeps your options open and gives you the most control over the eventual outcome. Call Perry & Perry PLLP in Minneapolis today at 952-444-9903 or contact us online. We extend a free initial consultation and welcome inquiries statewide in Minnesota and nationwide.