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Last updated on December 22, 2021

The stress that comes with getting a divorce or negotiating custody arrangements can feel overwhelming. Hiring the right attorneys to advocate for you is one of the best decisions you can make to safeguard your future. At Perry & Perry PLLP in Minneapolis, we are committed to helping you obtain desirable resolutions to your family law problems. For decades, we have helped our clients surmount difficult legal challenges and move on to the next chapter of their lives. When no amicable resolution is available, you can rely on our skills as accomplished courtroom litigators.

Knowledgeable Lawyers Navigating Marriage Dissolution

Minnesota is a no-fault divorce state, meaning that you can file to end your marriage without formally accusing your spouse of wrongdoing. However, fault may be considered in other aspects of divorce, such as property division. Our priority is to help you reach agreements with your spouse about your finances, assets and debts outside of court. We represent you through challenging processes such as:

  • Division of real estate and other property — In Minnesota, judges are required to divide marital property equitably, though not necessarily equally. Typically, real estate is the most valuable property owned by couples. Minnesota court forms only allow one spouse full ownership and the other spouse is given a lien. The forms can be changed, however, to allow for other arrangements. We will strive to secure all of the property you are owed, from major assets like real estate and pensions to smaller items such as jewelry and sentimental objects.
  • Alimony — Divorce can cause significant financial upset. One spouse may seek temporary or permanent alimony, or “spousal maintenance,” to maintain the standard of living previously enjoyed. Minnesota courts make alimony calculations based on the length of the marriage, employment, finances, physical and mental condition of the spouse seeking support, and other factors. We work to establish fair alimony agreements and fight for their enforcement when necessary.

We also handle prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. it is critical that both parties understand what rights they may be signing away and that there is no duress or misrepresentation.

Our background in business litigation makes us uniquely equipped to represent business owners or business partners in divorce (or their spouses). We can knowledgeably address business valuation, buy-sell clauses and other issues that arise.

Experienced Attorneys Supporting Parents’ Rights

When a divorce involves children, protecting them is the top priority. We make strong efforts to negotiate terms that are in their best interests regarding:

  • Custody and visitation rights Child custody arrangements include decisions about physical and legal custody. Parents with physical custody determine where their children live and what their daily lives look like, and parents with legal custody make decisions about their children’s religion, education and medical care. Minnesota law requires divorcing parents who do not agree on custody and visitation to attend a certified divorce education program. To avoid this, we strive for mutually acceptable arrangements.
  • Child support — Child support costs are broken down into basic support, medical support and child care support. Parents’ income, parenting time, cost of living and number of children are considered to determine what each spouse must pay. We seek a payment structure that benefits your children.

We are committed to helping parents and children move forward after divorce with financial security.

Powerful Advocacy Through High-Asset Divorces

If you are a high net worth individual who has started divorce proceedings, you may have a number of concerns, particularly regarding your assets and how they will be divided in the dissolution process. Complex assets, such as retirement accounts, pensions, 401(K) plans and stock options, require careful valuation and a keen eye to determine how they should be split.

At Perry & Perry PLLP, we use our extensive family law experience to help guide high-asset individuals and couples through the divorce process, helping them divide their property equitably and come to an agreement on other matters, including alimony and child custody matters. We understand what’s at stake in a high-asset divorce and are here to ensure our clients the fair outcome they deserve.

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