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At Perry & Perry, PLLP, we’re ready to assist you with a variety of legal issues, including those involving matters of civil litigation, personal injury, criminal defense, family law, business law, employment law and intellectual property law. If you’re not sure whether we handle cases like yours, simply give us a call and ask. We offer a free initial consultation so that you can speak with a qualified lawyer and fully understand your legal options before moving forward. Contact Perry & Perry, PLLP today to get started.

Civil Litigation

At Perry & Perry we handle all kinds of litigation on behalf of our Minneapolis clients, including those involving matters of alimony, personal injury, debt settlement, workplace discrimination, and business disputes. We strive to aggressively represent our clients’ interests and protect their rights in court. Often there are ways that disputes can be resolved without resorting to litigation, and a good lawyer will always seek out these options first. If it makes more sense to take your case to trial, however, effective legal representation provides you with the best possible chance of coming out on top. Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation with a fearless civil litigation attorney who will give your case the personalized – and personable – attention it deserves.

Personal Injury

We handle a wide variety of personal injury cases, including those involving medical malpractice, third-party workplace accidents and product liability. We also facilitate wrongful death suits on behalf of family members and personal representatives throughout Minnesota.

Intellectual Property Law

The seasoned attorneys at Perry & Perry, PLLP help clients take on cases involving patent litigation, patent consulting, trademarks and copyright law. If you have a serious problem involving an aspect of intellectual property law, we can help you solve it. Contact an intellectual property attorney today.

Criminal Defense

If you or a loved one has been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving (DUI/DWI), drug crimes, domestic violence, weapons crimes, theft, white collar crimes, juvenile crimes, assault or other violent crimes, call our office today and schedule your free initial consultation. We’ll do our best to help you stay out of jail or prison and avoid other penalties that may be associated with a criminal conviction, such as expensive fines/fees, mandatory counseling, drug and alcohol testing, license suspension and probation.

Family Law

Difficult family law issues like divorce are emotionally trying for everyone involved. Minor children are especially likely to suffer emotionally during a poorly handled divorce or parental dispute. For their children’s sake — and for their own — parents should be careful about allowing the stress that comes with a divorce or other family law matter to get the best of them. The fact remains that parents and spouses who are able to work together on their issues and reach an agreement are far more likely to be satisfied with the results.

Business Law

With more than five decades’ experience in taking on tough business disputes, our firm stands ready to help you protect your rights and your assets, regardless of which side of the courtroom you find yourself on. We regularly handle cases involving employee contracts and disputes, shareholder contracts and disputes, and other civil matters on behalf of Minneapolis business owners, and we encourage you to contact us if you are a party to a possible or actual litigation.

Employment Law

Employers are prohibited by law from discriminating against workers on the basis of race, color, creed, gender and country of origin. A skilled employment law attorney can help you secure your right-to-sue letter from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and assist you in securing financial justice for your employer’s misconduct. Contact Perry & Perry, PLLP today to speak with an experienced employment law attorney about a possible Title VII violation and/or other breach of civil employment law, including wage, overtime, sexual harassment and other Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) matters.

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